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FBK CyberLab
RED TEAM labs close to real conditions
Create multilevel virtual labs that simulates real infrastructures
Customize or generate a random set of vulnerabilities
Find and exploit vulnerabilities avoiding SIEM and other securitity systems to take control over the network
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FBK CyberLab?
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FBK CyberLab
Virtual laboratories for penetration tests close to real condition

FBK CyberLab is a web-service that simulates infrastructures with a specific or a random set of virtual machines and vulnerabilities to train the penetration test skills of infosec specialists.

You need to find and exploit vulnerabilities of the machines integrated in multilevel network to increase your privileges and to gain control over the servers.

FBK CyberLab
Red Team labs close to real conditions
Elements of the virtual lab infrastructure
The lab is devided into 3 levels, each of contains virtual machines with a specific or randomly generated set of vulnerabilities.
Your goal is to gain control over the entire network.
First level
External and client services
Second level
Internal organisation's services
Third level
Employees computers integrated into a domain network based on Active Directory
FBK CyberLab SIEM notifys on suspicious events

Built-in detection system notifis on the suspicious events and define its severity level from Low to High.

This feature will improve your skill in stealth mode penetration test and will give you the knowledge which route could be unnoticed for dectection systems.

Lab customization
Procedual generation
of the vulnerabilities

During labs you will find and exploit various vulnerabilities of different difficulty levels that will enhance your specific cybersec skills. FBK CyberLab can generate machines with a random or custom set of vulnerabilities based on your current needs.

The system captures successfully exploited machines and vulnerabilities to create a unique set for every new lab. Procedual generated labs based on the statistics of your walkthroughs – that's why it implies challenge even for experienced cybersec specialists.

User profile, statistics
Improve your skills

FBK CyberLab collecting, analyzing and rating your work, representing your progress in various indicators and making recommendations for the next steps for your skill-growth. FBK CyberLab will use this data to make a unique scenarious for procedual generating labs.
Interface of the active lab
Userfriendly interface

FBK CyberLab is simple to operate even for specialists that didn't have to participate in penetration tests in real life before. Every element of an interface is made for a rapid mastering of the services functions.
FBK CyberLab
for business and private matters
Train your cybersec team
Full control over the education process of employees through the Mentor account: complete statistics on every lab and profile to track progress of your team, valuable recomendations for skill-growth and tests
Improve your own skills
Tools, vulnerabilities, infrastructure models: everything is as close to the real conditions of a penetration test as it possible and allows you to improve your professional skills with each new lab
Made by FBK CyberSecurity
< FBK CyberLab is made to improve skills of the sybersec specialists. One of the strongest part of it is a centralized control over the cybersec team education process.
FBK CyberLab will make a strong practice base even for an expirienced employees in your company and improve the effectiveness of a recruitment system >
Alexander Chernenko
CEO FBK CyberSecurity
< The functionality of the FBK CyberLab will be constantly expanding: new virtual services, vulnerabilities and modes will be added. In our plan is to organize BLUE TEAM laboratories for defense specialists training. FBK CyberLab should become a full-fledged training platform for cybersec specialists >
Mikhail Firstov
Head of R&D FBK CyberSecurity
Work in progress
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FBK CyberLab is a web-application, web-service, gameplay-based platform for practical educaton of cybersecurity specialists.
The developer – FBK CyberSecurity, infosec comapany, subsidiary of independent audit, tax and advisory firm FBK Grant Thornton.

Phone: +7-495-737-53-53 E-mail: [email protected] Adress: Moscow, Myasnitskaya st. 44/1

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