Penetration testing

Penetration testing is a method of assessing the security of computer systems or networks by means of simulating an attack by an attacker. The process involves a broad analysis of the system for potential vulnerabilities. The analysis is conducted from the perspective of a potential attacker and may involve the active use of system vulnerabilities. The result of the work is a report containing all the "weaknesses" of the security system found, and can also contain recommendations for their elimination. The purpose of penetration testing is to evaluate the possibility of its implementation and predict the economic losses resulting from the successful implementation of the attack. Penetration testing is part of the security audit.

FBK | CyberSecurity will help you and your business significantly reduce the risk of such incidents. Our specialists will test for penetration of various levels of complexity, after which they will make a detailed report on the work done and give their recommendations on the removal of the revealed security breaches.

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